We have designed a new program to reward you, our guest, for your loyalty.

Once you’re enrolled, points are tracked electronically in our database. These points can be accumulated and used towards purchases. This program is FREE, and presented as a courtesy to our guests.

How do I get started?
You are already enrolled once you create a Vagaro account. Is it that simple! You will begin earning points immediately. Points are accumulated through everyday transactions. In fact, we will give you 100 points just for enrolling!
*NOTE: Your email address will NOT be sold or given to any other parties.

How much are my points worth?
100 Points = $1. Points are credited to your account in our database automatically every time you make a purchase whether product or service! You can use up to $20 worth per visit.

When can I start using my points?
You can use points at any time once you accumulate.

Do points expire?
Points are accumulated during the calendar year and expire at the end of December each year. It is the client's responsibility to claim un-redeemed points prior to expiration. Points acquired December 2016 will transfer over to 2017.

How can I redeem my points?
Let your service provider know you want to utilize your reward points at checkout.
Our complimentary Loyalty Points program allows our guest to collect reward points to be used towards future pampering.

How do I receive points?
Signing up for your Vagaro Account                                                                    0 points
Reserve your next appointment at checkout                                                       100 points
Refer a New Guest                                                                                                200 points
Services                                                                                                                 1 point per dollar spent
Products                                                                                                                 1 point per dollar spent
Gift cards                                                                                                                1 point per dollar spent

One Loyalty redemption up to $20 will be allowed per visit/per day.
Points are non-transferable and they do not have any cash value.
Points will not be collected on:
Taxes and/or gratuity.
Complimentary products/samples
Points will be deducted for any returns.
C & D Beauty Studio may change or terminate the Loyalty Points program at our discretion.
Specials, promotions or packages.

The bottom of your receipt shows your point balance with every purchase. If you are ever curious about the number of points you have please login to your account or ask us at your appointment.

Q: If I come in with someone, and I pay for their service, do I receive the points? NO (Points are awarded to the individual receiving the service/product, not the individual purchasing the service/product.)

Q: Can I give my points to someone else? No. The points are intended to reward those that have collected the points over time.

Q: Do I get points when purchasing a gift certificate for someone? Points are not awarded for gift certificate purchases.

Q: I received a gift certificate; do I get the points for services/products the day I come in? NO. Points will be given to the person who purchased the gift certificate. If you as the recipient purchase additional services outside of the gift certificate, points will be given for those services only.