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Your customized set of Lash Extension can last up to three weeks before requiring a fill.  Time varies based on the individual.  To protect and maintain the health of your lashes, we recommend maintaining a two - three week maintenance schedule with your lash artist.  Pre-booking available to ensure you get the appointment time that works best for you.

Lash Extensions

Classic Mink Lash Extensions                                              150

The Details: A classic set of eyelash extensions consist of adhering single and 2D handmade lash fans where needed to as many of your natural lashes as possible using medical grade adhesive.

Hybrid Mind Lash Extension 175

The Details: The perfect mix of classic eyelash extension and volume eyelash extensions. When applying your lash set, I will be alternating between classic and volume lash extension to create a fluffy full lash look.

Volume Mink Lash Extensions                                                200

The Details: A volume set of eyelash extensions consist of adhering 2D up to 5D handmade lash fans where needed (based on final look) to as many of your natural lashes as possible using medical grade adhesive.

A deposit is required to secure your appointment date and time

Lash Extension Refills...

**Requires 50% of lashes remaining.  If less than 50%, a full set will be required

Volume Mink 1 Week Refill                                                      40

Volume Mink 2 Week Refill                                                     65

Volume Mink 3 Week Refill                                                     80

Classic Mink 1 Week Refill                                        25

Classic Mink 2 Week Refill                                       50

Classic Mink 3 Week Refill                                       75

Aftercare Instructions

Use only water-based makeup & makeup remover

Do no get lashes wet for 24 hours

Be careful to avoid rubbing your eyes

NEVER pick off your lashes

To extend the life of your lashes please come in for touch-ups every 2-3 weeks

Eyelash Appointment Guidelines

Arrive with no eye makeup.  

This includes eye shadow, eye liner and mascara

No Cell Phones during Service

NO Kids allowed

Relax and enjoy experience


Tinting, Strips, and Tabs

Strip Lashes                               10

Lash Tabs                                  25

Eyebrow Tinting                         20

Eyelash Tinting                          20


Eyebrow                                                                                            10

Lip                                                                                                      5 

Full Face                                                                                            30

Chin                                                                                                    8

Side-burns                                                                                         10

Underarm                                                                                           15