Oh NO!!! I broke my fenty beauty duo highlight compact

Imagine this….

You’re applying your makeup, you might be listening to the radio, singing along, you look at yourself in the mirror loving what you see; your lashes are applied just right, your highlight and contour is popping. Oh, and that eyeliner and bold lip...they can’t tell you nothing lol...then you realize you almost forgot to apply that extra little touch... you reach for your favorite pressed highlight/illuminator than boom 💥 it falls to the floor. Your heart skips a beat. You’ve only used it a few times. You pick it up praying that it is still in one pieces.  You open the lid and to your horror it’s broken!  Now what are you going to do!!! Throw it away or transfer the powdered mess into a different container?

My broken Fenty Beauty Highlight Duo in Mean Money and Hustle Baby 

My broken Fenty Beauty Highlight Duo in Mean Money and Hustle Baby 

The he good news is...it can be fixed. This is not a new concept, in fact artist and beauty enthusiasts have been fixing their broken pressed powered products for decades.   However, for those who are new to makeup and you just need a little refresher watch the video below👇🏾

Has this happened to you before?  Did you fix your press powder compact or toss it? Comment below. Any other topics you would like to know more about, comment your suggestions below..  

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