Crochet Braids using a Net

You love the crochet braid style but you hate the parts and gaps. You’ve tried different Braid foundations however you still find yourself trying to hide gaps.

A great way to fix that issue is with using a hair weaving net. Much like using the net for a sew-in, the net allows you to attach the crochet hair on a larger surface instead of the just the braid.

Attaching hair to the net also takes tension off of the hair. So no more worrying about weak areas in you braids or your braids coming undone.  

Here’s a short video to show you a bit of the process.  

As with any braided style, you want to make sure you are not braiding your hair to tight or pulling on the hair excessively causing breakage or damage to the hair follicles or hair line. 

Interested in getting this style done for yourself?  Head on over to my braid services page for more info on booking an appointment.  Have you or anyone you know tried using a net for their crochets braid foundation?  or Do you have questions about getting your crochet braids done this way?  Please leave a comment below or fell free to contact us via email at or by phone at 972-816-3050.


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