I want thicker lash extensions...

is what I often here this from clients and non clients alike who have gotten lash extensions.  These persons are normally regular wearers of lashes, either strip or tab/ cluster lashes (also referred to as individual lashes).  Their lashes did not turn out the way they envisioned resulted in less than satisfactory results.   What I've come to realize is most clients are not sure of which style they are looking for.  They see pictures of these thick lashes and come in believing that everyone will leave with that exact look.  Well I'm here to explain the difference and variations in the outcomes with lash extension application.

What a lot of clients don't realize is that lash extensions, the classic lash extensions work with your natural lashes.  Due to the face that lash extensions, classic style, is the process of attaching one lash  to your one individual lash, if you don't naturally have thick lashes, your lash extensions will not be thick.  In order for someone with naturally thin lashes to leave with thicker lashes with lash extension it requires a different process which is now referred to as the volume lash technique.

With the volume lash technique (also know as Russian lash extension and now the new american version) anywhere from 2-6 lash extensions are attached to 1 of the clients natural lashes.  This technique is much more advanced, requires more time to complete, and will cost you more.  The end result will provide the client with thicker lashes.  

An important thing to also remember is that when going for increased thickness you sacrifice length.  This is done to protect the overall health of the clients natural lashes.  

So next time you make your appointment and you are one who goes for thickness be sure to inquire about volume lash extensions.  

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